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Primary Care

We operate as a Patient Centered Medical Home. Patient-Centered Medical Homes (PCMH) are about what patients want: a focus on patients themselves and their specific health care needs. As medical homes are one of the pillars of the health care system, they stive to give more value to patients and the community by achieving the “Triple Aim” (better Quality, Experience and Cost). American Horizon Medical continues to embody the spirit and practice of the Patient Centered Medical Home. All of our practice staff—from clinicians to the front-end team—work as a team to coordinate care from other providers, facilities and community organizations. We work to operate to the highest degree of our clinical licensure to help maximize efficiency by ensuring that highly trained clinicians are not performing tasks that can be accomplished by other staff/team members. Thus, helping to avoid costly and preventable complications and emergencies through a focus on prevention and managing the chronic conditions of our patient population.

  • We will deliver safe, effective, and efficient care that is well coordinated across the medical neighborhood and optimizes the patient experience.

  • We will provide whole-person care at the first contact. Everyone in the practice – from physicians and practice nurses to medical assistants and frontline staff—will practice to the highest level of their training and license in teams, to support better access, self-care, and care coordination.

  • We will be respectful of and responsive to individual patient preferences, needs, and values, and ensure that patient values guide all clinical decisions.
    Individuals and families will get help to be actively engaged in their own healthy behaviors and health care, and in decisions about their care. 

What is your role in this process?

  • We ask that you help us coordinate your care. If you seek care elsewhere
    specialist, visit to the urgent care or emergency room, etc.). We will obtain and (without us sending you there), kindly notify us about your visit (self-referral to a review the records and send necessary information to coordinate your care.

  • Contact us for clinical advice! We feel you will get the best care here in our
    office. Therefore, we ask that you call us both during and after hours when 
    possible and before seeking care elsewhere (Specialist/Acute).

    • Exception: This expectation is waived in the case of an Emergency.

    • We will make every effort to see you in the office or via Tele/VideoAppointment on weekdays and Saturdays.

Health and Physicals 

Your yearly wellness exam is to help us stay up-to-date with your health. Our team will go over your blood pressure, heart rate, and order lab work if needed. We will check for possible diseases and update necessary immunizations. Best of all, we will get to know you better!

Immunizations/Vaccinations/Traveler vaccine

Immunizations/vaccinations help protect you by building your immunity against preventable diseases! 

Safeguard your travels and protect yourself with our traveler's vaccine!

Electrocardiogram (EKG)

The electrocardiogram tests monitors your heart health and is performed in the comfort of our office!


See our providers from the comfort of your own home through a video or phone call!

Eye Exams

Eye exams are an important part of staying healthy and at AHM, we perform the exam right in our office!

Sick Visits

Sick visits allow for same day visits with our providers for patients with immediate health concerns including illnesses, injuries, or a complication with a chronic health condition. Call our office to find out about our availability! If you are experiencing COVID-19 like symptoms, DO NOT come in to the office! We will schedule a telehealth visit so you can speak with one of our providers from the comfort of your home!

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